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They have a christ complex, always thinking someone's persecuting them.

Help, help! I'm being repressed. Now we see the violence inherent in the system!


"So that's 78% of Americans still self-identifying as part of some form of monothesitic religion, with 1/3 of all Americans describing themselves as "born again."

There's an easy way around this. We all know that the church has way too much of an advantage over their ability to use the fact that they do not pay taxes but yet try to place their people in places in government to control the ability to grow even larger and more authoritarian.

If we notice any church or religious orginazation meddling in politics in any way or form, they should have their tax exempt status removed and taxed to the hilt.

The schools controlled by them should be scrutinized to the maximum and all courses should be checked to insure that they meet the standards of education. Bible studies should be considered studies in superstition and ignorance and should be left up to the individual whether or not they should participate.

In other words "If you keep your Gods and your religions out of my government I will keep the government out of your churches."

Just this old chief's 2¢


That's 1.1% and rising! Woohoo!


Quoting Frank Zappa: "Tax the churches. Tax the FUCK out of the churches!"

Dull Blade

Even if they just taxed the properity owned by the churches...someone should cruch those numbers.

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