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He has a valid point. Foe example, what if there's a Klan meeting or an abortion clinic to blow up? What if there's a woman to intimidate with crude sexual jokes? Then the whole right bench would be off.

Liddy sounds like he's still in the 50s. Not sure if it's the 1950s or the 1850s, though. Hack.

Maybe his next line will be about what happens when there's a case to decide during siesta.


I always wondered why Liddy wanted to live in the USA, I think he'd be so much happier living in a third world dictatorship, or with Al Quida, I'm sure "jokes" like this would crack them all up.


Last night The Daily Show had some funny clips from a talking head talking about a hypothetical case where an Asian-American is suing a Latino-American employer for discrimination. Would Sotomeyer be able to be impartial?

If he had been joking, it'd be a lot funnier. As it is, it's a bit disturbing. I mean, did someone ask Roberts if he would be able to be impartial in a white vs. black case? A male vs. female case? A christian vs. atheist case?

It's pathetic that we're discussing a woman's menstruation cycle and heritage with regards to this. Does Liddy think that women just go totally apeshit during their periods? That they just sit at home and can't function?

Maybe that's why there were no female Watergate burglars. They had to stay home with cramps, leaving the patriotic work to Liddy and Co.

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