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more typical liberal hate from this blog.

is it really murder when you kill a killer. states do it all the time when they execute killers. this is the same thing as that. plus just think of the hunderds of babies this man you call terrorist saves by executing this killer.


Ah, more of that typical christ-like behavior we should all look up to. Meanwhile, the state police were busy spying on those dangerous anti-war groups?

Defending a killer, redmder? All class. Onward christian soldiers. On with the jihad.

While we're at it, I guess it'd be all right to execute the executors of people who are wrongly killed by the state.

Do explain how some nut going off on his own and deciding that someone should die is the same as the criminal justice system with it's jury trials, judges, and appeals process? I guess it'd be all right if some left-wing nut went and shot up a church or GOP meeting? Now, I know that good christian folk and the GOP have done nothing wrong, so clearly they don't deserve it. Only us godless heathens. Or, apparently, even those who are religious but don't subscribe to your beliefs.

Just think of all the lives that could have been saved if jesus, muhammad, abraham, moses, and their followers had just kept their delusions to themselves.

Left Coast Conservative

Yes, redmdr it is murder. While I think abortion is not a great idea, it is legal, and women should have a choice, even though a better choice might be contraception.

But killing Dr. tiller was indeed murder, not justifiable homicide. Excusing the act is wrong on so many levels, I hardly know where to begin.


LCC: Well said.

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