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Also wanted to add:

If I understand Mr. Zurawick's criticism correctly, MSNBC is actually worse than FOX because it contains less of the programming that is driving America to become like,as he said on Reliable Sources, "Europe in the '30s" (which I assume is also his attempt to illustrate Godwin's Law)?


Jeez! Don't you think you could make a point about the guys weaknesses without reveling in scorn and contempt? You don't need to ridicule him. It's overkill. "Z-man" seems like a really condescending nickname, and i could really do without anymore bloggers getting a cheap thrill out of exposing other bloggers spelling errors publicly. Now i'm left feeling bad for someone whose writing I don't particularly like.


Geoff- Benn got his panties tied up in a wad because one of his hate monger idles was dissed. And yes, that requires a response full of "scorn", "contempt" and "ridicule" for many who frequent this site. The exchange between Z-man and Olbermann was basically a moronic "you suck" well "you suck worse" exchange between 6 figure salaried professionals from top news outlets. I expect to see them both running for office in the near future. Allah be merciful with your misguided sheeples...

Amboy Dukes

Or, more simply put, "Hey Benn, if you love Keith Olbermann so much, why don't you just marry him?* Nyah!"

*Only applicable in the handful of states that allow same sex marriage.

I guess you don't follow professional sports, Guad? (Good to see you again, by the way.)

Your principled dislike of six figure salaried people engaged in some form of interaction (which you use as a form of rhetoric to negate Benn's comments) would seem to preclude that. Don't get me wrong, I'm with ya. Watching millionaires go against each other in football, baseball, basketball have all ruined sports for me.

But it's interesting to apply that prejudice to punditry. I guess we could also say the same thing of political leaders too. "Hey, Cheney is a millionaire, therefore why should we care what he says?"

Does the less one makes mean their opinions are more valid? I hadn't taken you for that sort of populist before, but I'm willing to admit I was mistaken.

Geoff, you may not want to read a lot of the political posts on this site then. Following your logic, you may end up feeling bad for Boss Limbaugh, Mann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, et al. Now, of course, if you listen to them too, you may start to feel bad for liberals. It must be a constant reactionary emotional storm with you, depending on who you are reading or listening to at the time.

Also, I'm pretty sure I've heard radio bumpers or Steiner refer to Zurawick as "Z-man" as well. I don't think Benn coined that term.


Glad to be back, Amboy. Been busy taking Obama's stimulus package right up the freaking ass. I say, "Allah bless anyone who can make 6 or 7 figures." Just trying to emphasize they were "media playas".

P.S. In an effort to gain acceptance here I've converted to the Muslim faith and I'm trying to talk hip. Which way is fucking Mecca anyway?

Amboy Dukes

So you're gay for Obama's stimulus. That's cool.

Me, I'm keeping my head down and trying to make it through this Republican Depression.

Good going on the talking hip, but I don't think a Muslim conversion will help you much - you're supposed to hate God.


So you're gay for Obama's stimulus. That's cool.


Yeah, converting the the muslim god instead of the christian god (nevermind that they're the same god) doesn't win you any points in my book; just swapping one idiocy for another. Not that you care.

I have to admit, it is a great business moldel [sic]: Don't cover the news. let [sic] someone fulfill that expensive task.

That's rich. A TV critic, at the Sun no less, is mocking a media outlet for skimping on real news? This is a paper that has cut away news, added pretty pictures (I suppose). He's a TV critic. Hard-hitting? I suppose it's possible for a media critic to have something substantive to say, but I think it's rare, and this guy ain't it.

I, too, find his segments on NPR to be excruciating to listen to.


I tried to listen to him and Rodericks today and their concern was that people don't watch the "real" news. I guess they mean local news? Or national news? I personally would hardly call those things real, which is why I do not watch them. They don't cover so very much, and sensationalize what they do cover to the point of absurdity.
At least with the internet you're able to look at more than one source...


"So you're gay for Obama's stimulus."

I was going to go for the tri fecta and become gay as well, but they said they'd stone me for that at my first Muslim orientation meeting. So I get to stay straight AND I can smack my bitch upside her head since she has to rights!

ALLAH!! Teach me your wisdom!!


Right, like all of the freedom and rights women have under christian mythology. Then again, I guess it's fitting that you would be comfortable going to the muslim side, since your side is already on its own jihad.

Jesus uh akbbar!

Plus, if you're christian and gay, you get to be embarrassed when you're caught cruising in a public restroom or with a male prostitute and crystal meth. I guess christians are open-minded.

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