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What happened to "free marketers" assertion that a) competition is good, b) the private market is the best, most efficient way of doings things, and c) the government can't do anything right or compete?

Now we're supposed to believe that government competing is going to kill the health "care" industry? Ridiculous and disingenuous.

They claim the government has an unfair advantage and will be able to beat private industry with subsidies. Private industry already gets subsidies, but that's okay. Farmers get subsidies, but that's okay. Wal-Mart comes in and uses it's bulk to "compete" with local businesses, that's okay. Wal-Mart can come in, offer stuff at below cost (subsidies) because they can take a localized hit in their costs, wait for local business who can't to die, and then bring the prices back up to profitable.

Why are people listening to these hypocrites?

And, agreed, it's pretty ballsy to accuse someone of being Hitler-like and then urge your followers to fight back by being more Hitler-like. Priceless.

Maybe Gov. Sanford was taking her advice and fighting against the enemies of "family values" by cheating on his wife. Larry Craig was fighting those evil homosexuals by trying to get some in a bathroom stall. Ted Haggard tried to take on both drug addicts and homosexuals in his meth-fueled crusade with a male prostitute.

Keep saying your prayers at night.


I think Ehrlich and any other prominent Repub. in MD should be called upon to vehemently refute this. or otherwise own it.

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