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funny, I took it to mean he's agnostic, agnosticism more socially acceptable? not sure about that one, you may be correct, I can't tell, whenever I tell people I'm agnostic, I then have to explain what it is, unless it's an atheist that I'm speaking to, and then I have to put up with them rolling their eyes


i took it to mean he's agnostic as well. i've spoken to people who claim to be atheists, and none of them have said they simply don't know, but state that they do not believe, which i take to mean 'do not accept'. when i speak to those who claim to be agnostic, they say they do not know. maybe i just know 3 out of 30 atheists who would not accept irrefutable proof.


Aren't atheists currently one of the most distrusted minorities in the U.S.? Props to Pitt for coming out!

Richard Dawkins argues something along the lines of the trouble with agnosticism is that it can be applied to anything. That's one of the reasons I identify as a friendly neighborhood atheist despite the understanding that I don't know any more than anyone else.

P.S. Looks like you meant to write agnostic in the second half of this sentence: "But an atheist is one who feels that there is enough evidence to suggest that there is most likely no god while an atheist simply claims to not know. "

Rob Carlson

I get stuck on this "irrefutable proof" part. It's very difficult if not impossible to prove a negative, and the irrefutable is in the eye of the beholder. I think that anything that could change an atheist or believer's mind would be such a game changer we wouldn't bother having the discussion anymore.


@stevo: I think agnosticism is more accepted in the general public because the general public is less likely to know what it means than atheism.

At any rate, this just makes Pitt even dreamier. Ha.


MG - thanks! I corrected the mistake.


ford: yeah, I like the Pitt also, sure, he did "Legends of the Fall", but I can forgive him for that, I just balance it off against, "California", "True Romance", or "Snatch" (pick one)


how long before he goes into scientology?

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