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"I don't want my flag to change!"

But it has changed many times before, no?

In the defense of the politicians (including Cheney Jr.), they are probably not racists--they only attempt to gain political points from others' racism while they also try to expand racism until the idiots revolt.


I'm not saying that Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly (undocumented Irish immigrant?), Lou Dobbs, and Glenn Beck got together, put on dresses, and lathered each other up in vaseline, but I can't disprove it.

Shouldn't these people be preoccupied calling people out for having bad family values? You know, Sanford, Ensign, Haggard, Craig, and so forth down the right-wing list.

I'm not convinced that these pols are just pandering to their racist constituency. At the very least, they're certainly classist and I think it's probably safe to say they don't think much of non-whites.


Jon Stewart pointed out that Dobbs was ranting about this on 20 July (incidentally, all of this was brought up, and debunked, during the campaign) and saying that no one had debunked it, yet on 17 July, the guest host of his show debunked it.

I'm not saying these conspiracy people are nuts, but, oh nevermind, I am.

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