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People in the Sun

Well, she's a freedom-loving American, so as an enslavement-loving person I really don't have the right to argue with her.


So, Malcolm X was a militant trouble maker, but this white chick calling for using the "bullet box" is not? This is why you can't argue with right-wingers like this. Consistency means nothing to them. Turn the other cheek? The hell with that, let's go shoot people who disagree with us.


And here's Joe Biden's reality quoted at an AARP rally, "I say, 'Don't let your opposition to the Recovery Act blind you to its results. Come see what I see everywhere I go: workers rehired, factories reopened, cops on the street, teachers in the classroom, progress toward getting our economy back on the move.'"


see even you're beloved joe biden calls for violence and revolution! hypocrits. plus unlike biden at least crabill said she doesn't want to see violent revolution.

typical demcrats taking stuff out of context and making soemthing out of nothing when your on vice president is calling for violent revolution.


I don't see the violence in the Biden quote that Guadalupe posted, what exactly are you talking about red?


oh yeah, hey red, when are you going to post all of those "smears" from Media Matters? Here I thought you were going to enlighten me with all those examples and still nothing. Darn, how hard could it be, aren't they supposed to be rife with smears?


anytime now red, helpful hint, If you want to convince anyone you have a valid adult opinion, it always helps to not run away from the discussion. Now, where oh where are those Media Matters smears?
C'mon Red, what are you? a cut and runner?


since they are a far left smear machine who take things out of context they only attack the right. so there are no media matters smears on the left. duh. and gadalupe proved with your vice presidents own words that the left is every bit as dangerous and full of shit and living in a fantasy world as you say the right is. just admit your side is as bogus as you think we conservatives are. even here you take things out of context. this woman even said she doesn't want to see violent revolution in america and you try to make it sound like she does. i have never heard biden or hussein obama say they dont want a revoltion when they have turn my country into a national socialist/facist country.


stevo: it really is a waste of time to try and have a dialogue with redmder. He claims that Media Matters smears, you ask for examples, and he throws in a straw man about them not smearing the left when no one said they did. You were clearly asking for their smears of the right.

Then, he claims that Guad's Biden quote is a call to violence and revolution when there is nothing that could even remotely be construed that way. Unless he refers to the fact that Biden mentions cops. I guess you might argue they're violent.

Then, some right-winger basically says they'll resort to the bullet if they don't get their way with the ballot and paint's the opposition as domestic terrorists there's no implied violence there? There's no incitement to violence? Incidentally, shall we go through a list of domestic terrorists in this country and tally right-wing versus left-wing?

He then goes on to state that Obama is turning the U.S. into a Nazi/ facist (he actually spelled it correctly!) country and that he's "never heard biden or hussein obama say they dont [sic] want a revolution." (Well, I never heard Bush state that he didn't want to see satan bang a nun, so I guess we all know what he's in favor of.)

If he wants to argue that, he can argue it for the parts where Obama is sticking to the Bush way of doing things, e.g., bailing out big corporations and continuing to refuse trials to detainees.

When, oh when, will the rapture come?


heres your proof of media matters and their far left smear machine that you seem to think provides you with fair and balnced information.

and if gadalupe's comment doesnt prove my point about you far lefties being dangerous and just a disillusioned as you claim conservatives to be why would he post it? he wouldnt!

maybe the reason why your buddy steveo isnt commenting anymore is because he knows hes wrong.

crabill says - I have no desire to see this country erupt in any kind of violent revolution - so that proves she wasn't calling for violence.

once again the far left smear machine takes something out of context and the libral media runs with it to try and make republicans look bad.

you are guilty of the exact same things you accuse conservatives of and gadalupes quote proves you live in a fantasy world.

i proved my point. you people just cant admit when your wrong.

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