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What do you call someone who abandons her state and those she swore to represent and quits her job halfway through it?

Hillary Clinton?
John McCain?
Any politician that decides to run for higher office halfway through the term they are already serving.


Hillary Clinton and John McCain didn't quit their jobs halfway through their terms. They ran while senators. That's really about the only way a politician can run for their next position.

I didn't quite follow how Palin considered herself a lame duck, when she's in her first term. A lame duck just because she wasn't planning on running again?

The whole thing is bizarre and I don't see how anyone thinks it reflects well on her. Conservatives ought to be honest with themselves and recognize that if it was a Democrat who did this, they'd be calling them out for lack of personal responsibility and being a cut-and-runner.

Amboy Dukes

Matt's argument is completely disingenuous and based solely on a false equivalency.

If he legitimately thinks Palin quitting her term halfway through is the equivalent of Hilary Clinton being tapped by her president to serve her country or John McCain running for President while a Senator, then he has a severe cognitive disorder.

Did Palin announce she was running in 2012? No. So even his false equivalency is falsely constructed.

Try again.


Clinton "quit" as governor to run for president and so did Bush. If she annonces a run for the senate seat in 2010 or the presidency in 2012 it would be unfair to call her a quitter. It would be appropriate to call poiticians thieves who don't quit as they collect paychecks from us for ignoring their jobs.

Amboy Dukes

Once again, Palin did not quit to run for anything.

False equivalence.

Disingenuous argument.

Even if she were to announce, she quit 3 years before the next election and before she received her party's nomination.

But okay, Guad, let's follow your own logic here.

"It would be appropriate to call poiticians thieves who don't quit as they collect paychecks from us for ignoring their jobs."

So we can call Palin a thief because she was receiving a paycheck from Alaska while she was running for vice-president and ignoring her job.

Okay, you win Guad. Your rules. Palin is a thief. Well done.


Palin is a "renegade" in the same way that Benedict Arnold was a "free spirit"


As for Bush and Clinton, when did they resign? Did they resign before their campaigns started or before they were nominated or before they were elected? I would tell you the answer (which I think is no) but when I google it, all that comes up is talk of Palin and Sanford resigning.


They may not have formally resigned, but I have a hard time understanding how they were performing the duties required by their office while they were running a campaign for higher office. From my standpoint they quit doing their jobs while continuing to collect their pay checks.

As to Palin, I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop on this one... something is up.

Amboy Dukes

Once again false equivalence. What Palin did by resigning halfway through her term is not the same thing a politicians who run for office while in office. Due to their 2 year terms, congressmen are constantly running for office.

But to be fair, Palin did both. She took a paycheck from Alaska when running for VP (something her supporters who are pathetically trying to justify her quitting are overlooking) and she quit her office.

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