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It's the perfect window into Kurtz's own mentality. It's just a shame he's in a position that's allegedly allocated for great minds/visionaries. I think we'd all be better off if him and a whole bunch of the Village were shunted off to some racist suburban country club, where they wile away their remaining years tsk-tsking and tut-tutting about the fall of society.


I see remaining newsrooms as full of old timers, trying to hump the last vestiges of readership from the old time subscribers, playing to the bullshit "conventional wisdom" stories that they've manufactured over the last twenty or so years. They appeal to the old folks and will remain to do so. They only have to ride it out a few more years so they can retire or quickly crank out that "opus" book they always wanted to write while they still have readers alive and stupid/clueless enough to buy them, or con publishing companies that they have readership.
They all know their ship is going down, they're just hoping to retire before it does.

Christian Prophet

It's been going on for far longer than 20 years. It can be called "destroy the heros." See:


your only calling him a racist because hes a white man. if a wise latina had said the exact same thing you would all nod your heads along in agreemet. that makes you the racists.


Amen, redmder. Put those taco people in their place. Incidentally, I heard that Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore are bumping uglies. They have so much in common.


I embrace people of all colors and creeds, but you Coke drinkers can go to hell.

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