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Now, I know it's not the best breakfast in the world or in Baltimore, and really, I don't know why I like it so much. The cheese stretches when you try to cut it and the potatoes seem microwaved.

But I could eat the Paper Moon's Mozzarella and tomato omelet for the rest of my life.


Blue Moon if you can get up early enough to avoid the wait. Otherwise, Miss Shirley's is quite the pick.

And everyone always seems to forget Morning Edition rocks socks.


Miss Shirley's, hands down.

James from Hampden

Dizzy Izzy's (I refuse to call it the Dizz" just started serving breakfast not too long ago - it is cheap and fantastic.

Sarah Pinsker

I'm a fan of Miss Shirley's, but lately we've been cobbling together Saturday breakfast/brunch at the Waverly farmer's market. We usually top off whatever we get there with a savory muffin and Zeke's coffee from the Red Canoe.


Golden West, by a mile.

*uck Miss Shirley's. Fight the power. Down with the Classic Catering Empire.

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