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Did someone yell at the right-wing terrorist to sit down? So, for everyone taking notes, christian (because, no doubt, that is what he is) terrorists are good. Muslim terrorists are bad.

Obama is a "self-appointed king." What fucking planet is this guy from?

"Amen, [g]od bless you," indeed. Would have liked to hear what the rep said after that, though.

That Steele interview was interesting. Of course, it's just the left-wing librul media going after patriotic "real" Americans. I thought it was actually refreshing to hear an NPR reporter not cut a talking head slack. Steele wasn't very hip-hop in that interview.

Maybe there should be Rammell tags. There are sane Republicans out there. They should be out there denouncing their "representatives" who spout this incessant nonsense. Have some pride.


How dare anyone accuse a Republican of being nuanced?


Here's some right-wingers from the Valley of the Sun not being very nuanced (or christian):


Guess the Republicans have a big tent.

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