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I'd love to say The Charles, or the Senator, but as a man who enjoys the sauce, I really dig drinking a cocktail and watching a movie at the Landmark in Harbor East. Booze + film = happy!

Alex Staherski

Definitely the Charles. It's in town, they actually have a good selection of films, including even some big releases (District 9 was a recent example), there aren't 25 minutes of trailers/commercials before everything, the patrons are usually there to actually watch the films rather than to socialize, they have awesome revivals... Need I go on?


I love The Charles for the atmosphere and they show some movies you wouldn't otherwise get to see at other theaters.

Landmark is has great seats, booze and good movies. The location is great for city peeps.

Brandon Welch

Charles is the bomb, especially since the neighborhood has gotten interesting in a good way. I love standing on top of the garage in the cool air, talking about how great the film I have just seen was.
They pick great films and the audience knows how to enjoy a film, with the possible exception of the gang fight that broke out during the midnight showing of the Warriors a few years back. I have seen everything from experimental, independent, foreign, horror, queer, classic, animation and even a 3-D XXX with John Holmes. They have it all at the Charles.
Being able to eat at Tapas Teatro next door is a huge plus, too.


The Charles IS Baltimore movies.

Landmark is corporate and boring.

Robin Jacobs

The Charles, hands down! Great old and new movie picks, delicious popcorn, site of the film fest, and an anchor to a lively city block - what more could you ask for?


The Landmark would be a lot better if it followed the lead of other Landmark theaters and actually showed independent/interesting movies. As it stands now, it's one notch above Muvico and it's only real advantage is you don't have to brave Arundel Mills for it.

Ann Marie

The Charles has a great feel and it is cheap. I love the indie films shown there. Landmark is where I head to when I want to see a bigger-named film. Beer and a movie?! Then Haagen-Daaz afterward? I think my mind just exploded.

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