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(1) Smaller government and lower deficit spending like those provided by the previous GOP president.
(2) What if Obama came up with a market-based health care reform (never mind that that's probably what we'll essentially get due to the weakness of Democrats and the asinineness of Republicans)? Would that be considered "Obama-style"?
(3) Burn more coal. Jesus will come before the icecaps flood.
(4) We support busting unions and preventing them from starting.
(5) We hav no problem with Anglo immigrants (ignore our previous anti-Italian, anti-Irish, anti-Jewish campaigns (to be fair, not the sole province of Republicans).
(6) Surges and a war-effort that has worked like gangbusters so far.
(7) Yes, not talking to Iran and North Korea has also worked like gangbusters.
(8) We hate gays, although we have hypocritical members who enjoy meth-fueled sex with prostitutes and cruising public bathrooms. To be fair, the gays are making us do it.
(9) We don't support a woman's right to choose whether to terminate a pregnancy, because every life is sacred. Excuse us while we bomb the brown people.
(10) And we see no problem bringing weapons to presidential rallies unless, of course, it's our president.
(11*) Look, we've got a black guy as our head.

* Bonus

history punk

(9) We support protecting the lives of vulnerable persons by opposing health care rationing and denial of health care and government funding of abortion;

So, when my insurance company denies me health care, I can call Mike Steele and he'll fix the problem. Shockingly, private health care companies ration care too. Or, since I am not a fetus, I am out of luck?

Chris Mallory

History Punk,

You do realize, Medicare (you know, government run healthcare) has a denial rate twice that of private insurance compaines.

Burning coal looks to be a good idea since we are now headed into a Little Ice Age due to a decrease in sunspot activity. Ten years of global cooling and counting.

Rusty Chompers

Chris is right! This is exactly why so many Medicare recipients are demanding an end to Medicare. Oh wait...

Everything else he said was just madness.

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