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You are a libertarian with a love for bass solos.


That person is awesome!!!!


That I never ever ever ever ever ever want to ride in that person's car. Ever.

geddy lee

That they are an intelligent stoner.

geddy lee

That they have read Lord of the Rings

tom hamrick

that they air drum on their steering wheel every time YYZ comes on

James from Hampden

Dream Theater T-Shirts, they own at least one blacklight, they were picked on in school and are still kind of miffed about it.

Wayne Realini

That they are a fine person who has impeccable taste in music.


That they may have Nagel prints up in their basement.

Alternately, they are a girl and I want to be their friend.


That they go immediately on to my running "Do Not Fornicate With" list.

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