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Genny Dill

They won't see what I just posted about them on Facebook, and therefore it doesn't count against me.

History Punk

I thank more highly of them than certain relatives of mine who proudly boast of their failure to acquire an answer machine.

Abby C.

Assumption #1: Maybe they're just really old and can't keep up.

Assumption #2: Maybe they just can't afford it.

Assumption #3: Maybe they've chosen a path to higher productivity, greater connection on a human level, spending more time outside or with friends. Maybe they've realized that what I loftily scoff about with regards to TV -- just a distraction, sure there's some gems but it's mostly crap, don't need one in my house -- is just as true, a lot of the time, about the internet.

Oh daaang, what am I doing with my life!

Joel M.

I think maybe they got tired of the whole computer thing. I had no computer or TV for about a week last year and actually found it pretty relaxing. I just read a lot every evening.

I think I'm one of the last people who lacks high speed internet, which is pretty close to not being on the internet. And most of the things I was doing on the internet 5 years ago I've lost interest in doing. But all it really means is that I watch more TV than I used to.


I call her "Mom".

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