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I'm just thankful there was videotape. Makes you wonder about other incidents.

Rusty Chompers

How much money do DC cops make that they can afford to roll around in Hummers?

Dave S.e

I've never understood the big deal. Did he aim his weapon at anyone? He's a cop, of course he's got a gun. To me, it looks like the probably grabbed his gun as he got out of the vehicle and was putting it away at the beginning of the video. Bunch of punks.

Amboy Dukes

That's not what it looks like at all to me.

It looks to me like a man with a gun who does not identify himself as a cop threatening snowballers. And frankly, telling me to "throw another snowball" would have resulted in me throwing another snowball.

I always find it fascinating the folks who are willing to bend over backwards to give the benefit of the doubt to authority figures even when said authority figures are clearly in the wrong.

I mean, we only have the word of dozens of eye witnesses, many with video cameras here, versus the word of a cop who already seems to have been caught lying.

Is there a word for that I'm not thinking of?

Dave S.

So the problem is he didn't properly identify himself (on camera). Not that he had a gun. Fine, but all the converage of this would make me think he was aiming his weapon at the mob...err...harmless frolickers in the snow.

Maybe there are two parties that are in the wrong, here. I don't care if it's snowballs, crab apples, or rocks; thowing stuff at vehicles is wrong. If it's a friend and you want to mess with him/her, I guess I'd give you a pass, but I think they should have been ticketed.

Dave S.

BTW...I don't mind giving the benefit of the doubt to folks that risk their lives for our safety. Doesn't mean there shouldn't be an investigation and that sometimes they don't make mistakes. However, I'll choose to stand with them over a gang of bored twenty-somethings until there has been an actual investigation and some sort of verdict.


mister dave s, ur a funny guy. u believe there can be a logical and acceptable reason for a officer to brandish their weapon,without properly identifying himself by putting on his lights or showing his badge. u are a funny guy. people have been shot by cops for less. on duty cops have shot off duty cops for less.
the camera didnt lie. the first police statement says he didnt even have a gun just a walkie talkie why is that? a mistake maybe? i dont want people making that big of a mistake protecting me. cant tell a walkie talkie from a gun and are threatened by snowballs. ur a funny guy

Dave S.

Thanks, kdiggs.

The camera doesn't tell the whole story, though. At least, I assume he started out in his vehicle and actually walked around to where he is when the video starts.

When you say, "brandishing", I picture someone waving a gun around. I didn't see that on the video.

mister "just call me the devil's advocage" dave


Washington police have said they are investigating the incident.

According to witnesses and Washington Post editorial aide Stephen Lowman, at about 3:15 p.m. the detective's Hummer got stuck in snow at the intersection, the battleground for the snowball fight. The detective got out of the vehicle, Mr. Lowman said, and he and the Hummer faced a mini-barrage of snowballs. That's when he "kind of shows he has a gun," Mr. Lowman said.

According to Assistant Chief Pete Newsham, the detective approached the group of snowball fighters and had "some kind of interaction" with them. He said the detective holstered a cell phone, and someone from the crowd called to report a man with a gun.

A patrol officer who responded to the call approached with his gun drawn, Assistant Chief Newsham said, because he did not know the man with a gun was a police detective. When he realized that, he quickly holstered his own weapon, Assistant Chief Newsham said.

Read more:
investgate for yourself. it is not the 1950's where the info isnt there.


Lowman took a close look at this bullshit, which he pronounced "disappointing." "It was not what I saw---not at all," he says, noting that other outlets were "all over it and we still have this police officer saying that the weapon was never drawn."
find the truth yourself.

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