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i dunno benn, i could probably watch andre braugher plant a garden in a 12-part mini series and be engaged.

in any case, i bet that TNT show would be better with more time travel.

the media has no incentive to hire good writers, let alone writers without blatant bias (in either direction), so i think zurawik and everyone else are safe in their jobs.

Rusty Chompers

Ordinarily I would agree with you about Braugher with the following exceptions:
- Andromeda Strain
- Poseidon
- Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
- Duets
- City of Angels

... actually come to think of it, whenever I see Braugher I just kind of groan and say to myself, "How did that walking out on Homicide work out for ya? Do you find THESE roles as challenging as Pembleton?"

Anyway, I thought Benn was saying it wasn't about the bias but about selecting a horrible show was the best of the year? Y'know, like questioning his critical capacity?


"...seeks to expand government into almost every corner of American life."

Man I wish people would be more specific about this. I just don't see it. I must be missing something.


Ray Romano cancels out Andre Braugher.


Zurawik sounds like a real dumb ass. The best show on the idiot box and the ONLY show in my book is AMC's 'Breaking Bad'. A brilliant series, wow.

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