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Doesn't this undercut your previous argument? If there are so many Wal-Marts around then why are there still businesses in Charles Village and Hampden? You should figure out your objection rather than throwing everything at it and hoping something will gain traction.

Amboy Dukes

Because there isn't one in Charles Village/Hampden.

That was easy.


this is weird, i went to the old goucher community meeting when the lowes was propsed, and nobody , not one of the developers ever mentioned walmart as one of the potential vendors going in that space.

Rusty Chompers

And I've read news articles saying that the developers were "approached" by Wal-mart as far back as December.

Interesting, huh?


I was just thinking the same thing Rusty


Sorry guys, if you look at that map all those walmarts don't help me at all. They are in the county, NOT in baltimore city. They don't count. Living in Remingington with nothing but public transportation, I would love to have one in my neighborhood.
I live in the 2600 block of Miles avenue and am looking forward to Lowes/Walmart and whatever else coming to my community.
I think the hampdenites need to get a grip and realize that this is not going to hurt their clientele. They sell $100.00 designer decorated tee shirts and $50.00 handmade handbags and vintage clothing. NONE of that can be found in walmart.

The people that shop in hampden are not going to be shopping at walmart and the ones that shop at walmart couldn't afford to step into some of the shops on 36th street.

There are many of us that are NOT opposed to this. The petition is signed by a bunch of people that don't live in baltimore or even maryland so why do we care what they think?

Maybe the reporters can talk to people in the community other than the ones that are opposed and get a more rounded view point.


I agree with the comment. Who needs stores selling groceries, clothing, housewares, school supplies, appliances in the city? They are all out in the county and we can all drive there anytime we want. After all the county residents drive here to get their drugs so why shouldn't we reciprocate and drive through their neighborhoods to get basic staples?

Amboy Dukes

I'm thinking "telecommutenow" is not a city resident. Otherwise, he/she wouldn't have such a snide hostility toward the city. Also, he/she would already know we have stores selling "groceries, clothing, housewares, school supplies, appliances in the city".

If I wanted the quality of life a stripmall brings, I'd move to the county.

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