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Be fair Benn. Federal Hill and Fells Point really don't need the BDC's help anymore. Meanwhile the Harbor needs some help. The malls are quickly becoming ghost towns and those buildings could use a facelift.

Biff Tubesock

Maybe. But there's a glut of available downtown office space already. Why focus on the Harbor instead of where people live? Belair-Edison and Lauraville/Hamilton certainly aren't in the same boat as Federal Hill and (lower) Fells Point. Really, the BDC should just be broken up. It's lack of transparency and obvious bias toward politically-connected, deep-pocketed developers and local foundations shatters whatever credibility it might have had. Jay Brodie's been getting a pass ever since he developed Coldspring 1,000 years ago.

Amboy Dukes

Yes, Benn - be fair to the poor Inner Harbor!

The multi-million dollar corporations that are invested in that beloved Baltimore city neighborhood which offers so much to city residents is struggling through no fault of its own or because of corporate mismanagement.

But small businesses and main streets in those whiney Baltimore city neighborhoods that are ALWAYS asking for and getting handouts are doing JUST FINE in this economy.

The Inner Harbor is too big to fail. I'm sure whichever 4 neighborhoods are getting cut by the BDC are not.


Jesus, not everything is so black and white guys. The bottom line is this - the Harbor brings tourists it is the gateway - the tourists then venture to fells, fed hill, hampden, CV etc.

You may not like that but it is reality. If the Harbor fails then the city loses even more money which begins to effect us - the residents.

Throwing a little money into the Pratt street corridor is necessary for the overall economy of the city.


PS. Benn, I completely agree that the doings of the BDC need to be much more transparent.

Biff Tubesock

Well, forty-two, I'm really glad that we live in a city where the emphasis is properly put on tourists. Let's face it: Services-using residents are nothing more than a drain on the city's over-stressed budget. Maybe we should just close Belair-Edison down and send all that money to David Cordish...

Amboy Dukes

Is there a word for it when people arrogantly state the obvious and act like they are privy to some common sense wisdom or insight that they believe the people they are speaking to are devoid of?

We all get the inter-connectedness of the city itself, 42. And the fact that we are discussing proves that no one here is under the impression that there the false "black and white" polarization that you fallaciously imply.

Also, I appreciate your faux "exasperation" at what you perceive to be our denseness.

After all, before its owners totally fucked it up, the Inner Harbor brought good, quality, low-benefits/low-paying retail jobs and tourist industry jobs to Baltimore. I should know, I used to work there.

Also, 42, your claims that the Inner Harbor brings tourist dollars into other city neighborhoods? Perhaps you should talk to the Downtown Partnership and representatives from those other city neighborhoods before you make such claims. It's my understanding that such a minute number of Inner Harbor tourists venture out into other city neighborhoods (with decreasing number of visitors as you move into neighborhoods farther away from the Harbor - what with city mass transit being what it is) that a reasonably solid argument could be made that the BDC money would be better spent on the very city neighborhood main streets its now decided to turn its back on, er, I mean, "graduate."

After all, if there's one thing suburban tourists LOVE to do, it's to come into a city like Baltimore and then venture out from the homogenized chain retail tourist trap that is the Inner Harbor into unknown city neighborhoods and explore. What could be safer? After all, you really should know...

Sorry - I was about to rhetorically feign exasperation at you, 42, and then arrogantly state the obvious and act like I am privy to some common sense wisdom or insight that would then imply that you must be devoid of, otherwise you'd agree with me. There really should be a word for that.

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