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Even if you take Ms. Conaway at her word she's still violating the law in claiming the Randallstown property as her principal residence. From SADT "Principal Residence" is defined as "An indicator of whether the property is the owner's principal residence. 'Yes' indicates the property is the owner's principal residence. Only the owner's principal residence is eligible for the Homestead Tax Credit, the Homeowners' Tax Credit, and local income tax offset credits."

So if she is not living there then she has been defrauding the County and State of tax revenues.


The commenter above makes a very valid point that most have overlooked. If indeed Ms. Conaway does not live at the Randallstown address, then why is it being claimed on official state filings as "primary" residence? As an investigative journalist, I find it impossible to look past such glaring inconsistencies.


So has any journalist gone to her "residence" to see if she's there?

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