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with a "legal show" no less, where they try to be all provocative and editorial. awesome.

Kevin Griffin Moreno

Pasting my NewsTrust comment here...

Once again, the top brass at WYPR displays a distressing lack of sensitivity to the diverse tastes of its audiences and a startling lack of insight about its assets as a local programmer.

'The Signal' is a thoughtful, original well produced, insightful program that has the potential -- if adequately supported and promoted by the station, that is -- to draw younger listeners. Since the controversial dismissal of Marc Steiner, 'The Signal' has remained the sole beacon of high-quality local programming on WYPR.

By marginalizing this excellent program in favor of more of the same on Fridays at noon, the WYPR management only reconfirms where its priorities lie.

It might be "your public radio," but it's not mine.


Dan Rodricks is REALLY pushing it. . .still not all-that-cool with his replacing Mr. Steiner. Gotta wonder what's going on in the programming department over there on North Charles Street.

Kevin Griffin Moreno

Here's the response I received from Andy Bienstock. I have to say, it's pretty persuasive.


Dear Mr. Moreno,

First, as someone who has been affiliated with The Signal since its
inception, let me assure you that the program is far from
underappreciated by WYPR. We spend a lot of time and money producing it,
and want as many listeners to hear it as possible.

Saturday actually give us some of our largest audiences of the week, and
our average listenership in the Saturday midday daypart is, in fact,
larger than the same time Monday through Friday, despite what was a weak
one o'clock hour. Weekdays between ten and four are difficult hours for
public radio - the programs we produce don't necessarily lend themselves
to office listening; and a once a week program can find itself lost in
the mix altogether.

The Signal brings us many listeners, and these are listeners who are
actively tuning to find it. We have an enormous audience on Saturday
morning, and a large audience for (believe it or not) Whad'ya Know at
3:00. We think that the three hour period from noon to three, with This
American Life, The Signal, and Studio 360 gives us not simply three
hours of insanely good radio programming; but a chance to improve our
Saturday midday audience across the board.

This isn't an effort to bury a program. Quite the contrary, we are
taking a good program and using it to build a larger audience.

Best regards,



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