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This place is a joke. They jacked up the prices on everything and nothing is on sale (at least when I was in there 2 days ago). I hear all my neighbors saying the same thing. Do they plan to publish circulars? I haven't seen any. I have not heard a single positive comment about this store since it reopened. If they think this business model is going to work for them with Giant 2 blocks up the road they're in for a rude awakening. I am not a fan of Giant, they seem overpriced to me, but at least they put a few staples on sale every week

Shelley Krowe

I agree it is a joke. Not going to last long in Hampden if this keep up. They should have put a shoprite there. The shelves are empty. Milk is $5.39 a gallon. Nothing on sale (not that there is anything to put on sale). I am not a fan of the Giant either but at least the shelves are full and they have sales. How long does it take to get an order and put out the items. It reminds me a a really big 711 store. Why can't we get a decent grocery store in Hampden?

This is the 3rd Fresh & Green's that I've been in in Baltimore. These places are awful!!!! Superfresh was never my number 1 store but I still shopped there plenty. It was just fine. Charles Center- the smell of bad fried chicken is enough to drive any vegetarian out of there. Parkville wraps browning vegetables in meat packaging that reminds me of somethings you'd find in a lower income neighborhood. Hamden is infested with fruit flies. And I bought some chicken. (It rang up as Fresh & Green Meat, which is about right.) It was slimy and stinky. Back to Fresh & Green's because I'm not paying for it. It's time to start over here. All three stores look like they're closed down anyway. The parking lots are just empty and the inside is trashed. If you can't do something right, don't do it at all. Close it down, work out something with ShopRite and put Fresh & Green's to bed. It's such a joke that it's almost funny. It's worth sticking your head in for a laugh but do stay away if you really need to do some shopping.


From my understanding, the larger the food chain, the easier it is to negotiate for sales from vendors. Since this company only has 7 stores, and isn't allied with another group (ex- how Shoprite is a cooperative with several independent stores under the one banner), they probably have a weakened ability to negotiate for sales.


I agree with all of the above, and would add that I heard this was supposed to be some kind of natural market? Well, it's not. They have very little in the way of natural/organic foods that I could see in my brief perusal of the store, and indeed less stock in general than Superfresh had. Unless they radically re-structure things, I'll be continuing to drive to Whole Foods and even Wegman's for the bulk of my food shopping.


Two words: Giant or Wegmans. You know where to get what.


I work for them, they want us to kill ourselves for peanuts. Meanwhile they let old Superfresh managers stay and bring in their old buddies who don't do anything but kept their topped out pay rate! Positions were just created for them so they weren't out of a job!

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