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Undersecretary of Special Projects

That's not exactly correct. Each meeting is discussing a separate item in the transportation matrix developed by the neighborhood orgs (except for the RNA, who declined to participate). The most recent meeting was angled parking on Huntingdon Ave.


It is exactly correct based on the information from the flyer posted to the GRIA website.

Undersecretary of Special Projects

Eh, if you want to be wrong, be wrong; but each meeting has a separate topic. Further, it's not a meeting with GRIA, they're open meetings. It was attended by reps from the CVCA, RNA, Old Goucher and Historic Fawcett.

It might also help to link to the traffic calming matrix, so people know what's being discussed.


I think you are confusing this blog with a website for GRIA (which is here the flyer & information came from), RNA, CVCA, Old Goucher or Fawcett.

There is nothing incorrect about this post announcing a meeting that took place last week.

Undersecretary of Special Projects

Oh right, I forgot this is the Bmorelocal blog, so there's no interest in being accurate about Walmart.


Actually, "Abel Baker" (of Baltimore Sun commenting fame? gasp!) this blog is the Mobtown Shank.

You can find Bmore Local at

Since you're in New York, I'll give you pass on confusing Baltimore blogs and websites. It can be confusing. Especially when you are not good with facts, details, or reality.

Nothing in this post is inaccurate. As far as I've seen, nothing Bmore Local has said about the Wal-mart has been inaccurate.

Anything the on the Shank with regards to Wal-Mart has been sourced. Just like this flyer that you have inexplicably fixated on.

Not only do you have some kind of bizarro agenda, you seem to not even know where you are or what you're talking about.

So, have fun with that.

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