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They should do what Wegmans did, fly in a team from a successful store, including a manager, to train the staff. To be honest, the staff at the store when it was superfresh was sorely lacking in customer service skills. Whether that was due to poor management or unmotivated workers was unclear. It is unfortunate that wages have been cut so much. I suppose the company thinks that in this economy, they will be able to get workers at any price. I guess we will all just have to wait and see.


They rehired all of the same local management, including the same district manager. They're buying from the same supplier that Superfresh did. Fresh and Green's parent company just emerged from bankruptcy themselves and have never run larger stores like this one, only small natural food stores and restaurants that make 1-3 mil/yr (vs about 12-14 mil for a store like Superfresh) How is this any different than Superfresh??


It's disheartening that a new company comes to town and the first thing they do is cut wages.

Poor Superfresh workers get screwed no matter what. Some recent reports indicate that the remaining Superfresh employees in Md and Pa face big wage/benefit cuts.


It'd be great if you could get copies of before-and-after contracts and (anonymized) pay-stubs.

Raul Rivera

Nothing is on sale at Fresh n' Greens. Super Fresh used to have Coke or Pepsi on sale all of the time. Now a 12 pack is $5.49. No ice cream, orange juice, bread, on sale at all. Regular old bananas - expensive.

Hampden hungers for a better place for us bargain shoppers. I will not return to Giant in the Rotunda since their mouse infestation, so we are kind of stuck.


I was there today (Monday 18 July) and found the prices to be pretty high. An employee confirmed that the prices are higher than at the old Superfresh. One wonders what kind of reconnaissance the parent company did on the surrounding neighborhood. Giant is only half a mile away and has much better prices. I didn't see anything that made me compare Fresh & Green to Eddie's of Roland Park or Whole Foods. I can't see Hampdenites shopping there because of the prices, and folks from Roland Park, Guilford, etc. will still go to Eddie's and Whole Foods because they offer a superior product.


I appreciate the general premise of this article. However, I am perplexed by the reference to the employees paycut. how can someone take a paycut when they are a brand new employee? What are the other options? Don't hire anyone that has previously worked there? These employees accepted new jobs at a new rate of pay. If they wanted the same rate of pay they had with their previous employer they should not have taken the position. However, I know from experience that if they chose to go elsewhere (another grocery chain) they would not have been offered the same rate of pay and benifits they were making.


Went there today - 1-27-12, and the produce and dairy sections were empty, with other sections still stocked. An employee I asked behind the meat counter said that the employees had no idea what was happening with the store, but feared they were going to be losing their jobs.


Thanks for the info about the employee paycuts--that's really terrible.

I went to Fresh and Green's today, and like the previous comment states, the produce sections were completely empty. I asked what was up at the checkout, and whether they were changing hands again, and the cashier told me that indeed, a new company is taking it over. How strange for there to be such quick turn over.

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