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I'm not surprised about the 90s nostalgia (although I wish it was a bit less mainstream, I HATE that Toadies song, for instance), or the fact that they aren't playing new music, because it seems like nobody wants to play new music. I am surprised there isn't more 80s "underground" music on there, since I know there's an audience for that.

Michael M. Hughes

I can't help but hear this song playing after reading your post:

And I'm with you on Weasel—I love listening to his über-geeky monologues. I might actually have to take a listen to this zombie HFS, if only for nostalgia's sake.


I totally love that X song.


jiggs jiggs jiggs


Well said, Benn! Can totally relate to this observation especially: "Having grown-up on Howard Stern and later the Grease Man on DC101, the obnoxious, big, dumb, uninteresting, commercial rock of 98Rock and the frustrating and boring pop of B104, I was ready for something new, and HFS was exactly that."

Alexandria Rodriguez

The station mentioned above is the station that my mother loves to listen. However, when the station stopped for a while, she got worried because it is the only station that she listened to.

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