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"Apple users are really starting to blur that line"

Really? Starting to blur the line? People have been paying 50% more money to willingly alienate themselves from the vast majority of the computing world for a very long time.

However, in the last several years that difference has gotten a lot smaller. They are still paying waaaaayyyy too much for a prettier machine that does the same thing.

Michael M. Hughes

I'm a happy cultist since 1986 and do everything in my power to never use the ugly, non-intuitive bag of hurt known as Windows. Jobs is a brilliant, visionary business leader whose company was very recently valued higher than ExxonMobil (briefly). You don't get to the top by producing crap or suckering people into buying overpriced gadgets—you get there by continuously producing high quality things that blow away the competition or, as with the iPad, create brand new markets.

Rob, maybe Apple products do the same things in a general sense, but they do them much better than their competitors. Are you enjoying your TouchPad? And don't forget to make sure your antivirus software is up to date.

Michael M. Hughes

But yes, in response to the blog post, one story would have sufficed. Bit it's Huffpost—what do expect?

It is momentous moment, not just for the tech industry, but culturally. And many people do care about the guy because he's been battling cancer for a long time, so the human interest element is big.

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