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Possibly the most effective use of a Wacky Races graphic ever.


I'll add that as a lot of cities are trying to go a little greener, Baltimore is inviting racecars into downtown to waste gas and pollute the air.


All the same comments/complaints raised when the Camden Yards stadium was built. Few would wish it away and I suspect much the same will be true of the Grand Prix in the end. From the first two days, it appears revenue projections were way too conservative and overall economic stimulus will far exceed initial projections.


I guess I don't understand what's wrong with developing events for tourists. It's the tourists that spend money here, not the 4 kids Section 8 Independence Card single moms that infest my neighborhood. They drain the city of resources, they don't add to it. And yet you seem to want everything to focus on them, more public pools and rec centers so they don't have to watch their kids, more after school programs to keep them entertained, more welfare programs to help these moms get off welfare or drugs or whatever it is that keeps them from shutting their legs and getting jobs instead. It's not the tourists dumping garbage week after week in the alleys, it's not the tourists shooting people or roaming the streets in mobs attacking others, it's not the tourists that sit on their front stoops day after day smoking and drinking, it's not the tourists tagging buildings and street signs.


Baltimore remains at its heart a blue collar city in a nation that has abandoned its blue collar economy. Bringing in people with money to spend (without trashing the City and raising crime rates even higher) seems like someone is at least trying to raise the revenue it takes to underwrite all the social programs.

Tilghman Scott

It would seem that Charm City has lost none of the backward-looking people who have kept a potentially good city from becoming greater than it is. Look around !! Your unemployment is far above the Obaba doctored national average and there is little industry scheming to locate there. Be thankful that any group has found a way to boost your city. Remember, it takes income to support all of the protestors who, without doubt, never miss a trip to the local welfare office.

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