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Chris Merriam

C'mon, Benn, this wasn't about Walmart. Mosby didn't enter the race until she sued Meister. Did Mosby even have a position on Walmart?

Walmart or no, if Conaway hadn't been so colossally dumb to sue Meister, she'd still be in office.

(To be clear, I am extremely happy she's gone!)


After her support of Wal-Mart - and her behavior towards members of the community who were concerned about the development - Conaway guaranteed herself a primary challenge. I know this. For a variety of reasons, I know this.

Sure her residency controversy played an issue. But there are several other city council incumbents who also have residency issues that didn't get voted out - so I don't think it's accurate to blame the whole thing on that.

And yes, her befuddling lawsuit against Adam also played an issue as well. But I have a hard time believing a majority of her district was really aware of her suit against a blogger or that it was the sole motivation for majority number of those who voted against her.

And I acknowledged both of these factors as contributing to her loss in my post above.

However, there were a number of residents who were very unhappy with Conaway over the Wal-mart issue who then actively supported Mosby.

I know Adam has been claiming this scalp, and I think it's well deserved - no one likes to be threatened with a lawsuit, believe me. But I also think that if she only had any one of these issues alone to contend with, Conaway would still be in office - especially given the apathy level of this year's primary voter.

I don't think it matters when Nick entered the race. And as far as I know, Mosby didn't take a position on Wal-mart. He didn't need to. He didn't bring it into the community. She did.

And yes, we're both extremely happy she's gone. At least we agree on that much. Ha.


Conaway lost because of her own hubris.

She barely campaigned, and then she drew negative attention to her residency problem with that SLAPP suit against Meister. She did nothing to actively counter the allegations against her. Walmart was a very distant memory to voters after all of that stuff.

BTW, what is the status on that development? I haven't heard anything in a while.


Andrew - I guarantee you that Wal-Mart was not a distant memory to a significant number of Mosby voters/supporters (as I personally talked to a number of them). I also know first hand that the Wal-Mart was also not a distant memory for a number of people who worked to get Mosby elected.

Status of development as I understand it: pending.


I'm just repeating what I've already said above, but let me try it again this way.
1. Conaway painted a huge target on herself with her handling of the Wal-Mart. At that point, she guaranteed herself a primary challenge.
2. Conaway enlarged that target over her residence controversy.
3. Conaway enlarged that target over her tax credit controversy relating to her residence controversy.
4. Conaway further enlarged that target by trying to sue a local blogger for reporting it.

All these things contributed. But what laid the groundwork was her support of 25th St. Station. That aggravated a significant and organized portion of the community against her.

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