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Thanks to energy deregulation people have the ability to choose who they want as their energy supplier and actually save money on their BGE bill every month as well as make money every month!!! Energy is a life-essential service people use and need every day. You can talk to anybody who was without power during the hurricane and they can tell you how miserable they were without it. Regardless of where you live, everyone will continue to pay an energy bill every month. If you got to pay it, why not save some money!!! Think about all the people you know who pay an energy bill every month. Now you have the ability to help them save some money and you can also make some money every month.

I live in the Laurel area and my power was out for almost a week, but even in the mist of the inconvenience of having no power my husband and I both got an energy income check 2 days after the hurricane. If you want to learn how to profit from Government Deregulation and possibly the largest Transfer of Wealth in American History visit for more information.

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