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I get that Mobtown Shank makes a distinction between local businesses and chains, but there is still something ironic about this post to me. It seems that this blog consistently plays a major role in stirring up community interests in order to block developments that would bring "much-needed activity" to the area. I know, I know.. you only opposed the "bad" developments that would have brought much needed activity. I guess sometimes I just wish we had more of a mixture around here. That there wasn't such a filter against well-known brands.

Molly @ Wonderland Kitchen

On 1/29, after sharing a laugh with my fellow produce-shopping refugees and directing another customer to the this-is-where-the-eggs-were section, I asked my cashier what was up, and she said she honestly had no idea (which was extra disturbing): Maybe it was renovations; maybe they were closing, she suggested. I don't drive and walk to this grocery regularly, so I hope they can pull things together.

Amboy Dukes

I think that "Keyes" doesn't understand, among other things, the meaning of irony.

I heard last week from a very important community figure in Hampden that the Fresh & Greens required cashiers from the former Superfresh to re-apply for the same jobs they had held, at a significant reduction in benefits and salary. Further, if the Superfresh employees chose NOT to apply for those jobs and accept the new terms of employment, Superfresh would refuse to pay their unemployment benefits. If that is true - and so many in the immediate area believe it is that the truth of the matter is moot - you can be sure neither those former employees nor their families and friends ever returned to shop. Perhaps national chains will learn from this example that it doesn't pay to rip off your patrons even before you stock the shelves.


As a former employee of Superfresh and a current employee of Fresh and Green's, i can feel for the customers. When asked what is happening by a customer, my reply i have no idea we are being told nothing. I feel as a loyal employee, i have a right for some answers. They are playing with peoples livelihoods. Not only did we get screwed by Superfresh, but are now getting the same treatment from this company. It's sad when customers know more than the employees.Are there any good companies out there? I was once told by my father years ago. kid you are just a number. I think i understand what he meant by that.


Clearly the failure of this store is a direct result of the competition it might get in the future from the Walmart that hasn't been built in Remington yet.


Well as an employee of Fresh & Greens (very thankful I was offered a job), I just want to thank all the lovely customers who came into our store complaining about our prices, this that and the other... Now that rumor is circulating that we are closing you still want to bash us... Well guess what, you finally got your wish and now you can deal with all the HIGH PRICES with Giant!!! also, if Giant were to hire some of us it will be at minimum wage, no benefits and no seniority... By the way where is the union?????? So thanks again to our wonderful Hampden neighbors who blew it for us AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Robin S

seriously, don't blame it on the people of hampden about Fresh & Green's not lasting, I mean almost $5.00 for a gallon of milk, come on people, so glad i decided not to stay at this store as an employee and so what you will lose your seniorty and your pay. You should of knew the first day that they opened and there was hardly anyone in the store that it would not survive. So what you will lose your pay, Seniorty and benefits what about all the people who worked for Super Fresh all those years who lost all that and good chance they will lose their pensions also


Do you not realize your pension is federally controlled? What stupid people....

Hoes Heights resident

jstone, you should be blaming Fresh & Green's management for the store failing, not the customers, who will of course go wherever they can get the best combo of low prices, good selection, and good service. A store doesn't fail based on customer complaints. Fresh & Green's corporate management either has a plan that includes allowing a store to fail, or it's incompetent and didn't know how to make a go of it.

I live nearby in Hoes Heights, and I shop there many times a week. Until last night, that is, when a 16 year-old cashier told me she didn't know anything and that the managers had been meeting for going on 7 hours. I already knew not to expect any produce, but there was also no 2% organic milk, and no plain Greek yogurt--2 of the paltry 3 items I came to buy. I've finally *had* to start shopping at Giant.

It's very inhumane the way the corporate parent has starved the local management and you, the staff, of information. And it's a logical fallacy for you to blame the customers for the business's bad decisions and lack of leadership. Blame the company you work for. They either don't know what they're doing, or they do but they don't know how to make it happen without hurting their employees and destroying their brand in their (potential) customers' eyes.

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