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I believe this Super-BDC prediction will come true. I expect the BDC's capabilities to expand even more and become more pragmatic and bottomline focused under SRB's future appointee. No more seemingly half-way negotiations. SRB's style is to use the hammer, and she'll hire a hammer for this position.

It's sorta akin to the change Vegas went from a mafia-run town to a corporate machine. The localized cronyism was annoying a best, criminal at it's peak, but the organization was localized and operated with certain codes and style. Then corporations with bottom lines cam through and said f-you, pay me. Now, if you thought the BDC is a disruptive entity now, wait until a new streamlined, financially focused bottom line technocrat takes charge here.

The BDC will continue to exist until people vote for a mayor who states openly that they will eliminate the wing openly, and then keep them to that promise. And that ain't SRB. She's not that idealistic. If you're mayor, why take hits on economic development issues directly when you have the BDC to take the punches for you?


I think this decision explains a bit about what it means to be quasi-governmental in terms of open meetings:

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