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Rusty Chompers

That's why Remington needs a Wal-Mart! Fuck Hampden hipsters.

Sorry - some moron was bound to say it, so I thought it may as well be me.


The NYT ran an interesting article earlier this week about what the future of retail malls might look like:

The neighborhood HAS been lobbying for a dog park...

Adam Meister

This is one of my favorite posts of all time on this blog. You should post it on the BmoreLocal Facebook group. It will generate discussion.

One of the larger lessons we can learn from the Rotunda saga is that just because a developer says it is going to happen and provides awesome pictures does not mean it will happen in the next decade. By the time the next decade comes along and nothing has happened most of the people who were involved originally have moved on and the new developer has new people (suckers) to deal with. The Rotunda, Westside/Superblock, and Reservoir Hill Whitelock/Lakeview developments all follow this pattern.


Out of curiosity, what specifically about Hampden did TJs say didn't meet their business model? I know box retailers are often nuts about parking -- usually they want much more than people living in cities generally want to give up (see for instance the Giant in Waverly and what a struggle that was). I wonder if Trader Joes didn't like any of the other sites in Hampden because they'd never be able to put in the parking lot they'd want, but might consider the Rotunda, which has tons of parking already in place.


jfruh - According to Trader Joe's the last time I spoke to them:
1. They don't move into new retail development.
2. They don't move into newly renovated/redeveloped retail.
3. They don't move into retail that is planning to redevelop.
4. They don't move into cities.

I realize they have somewhat revised #4. Items #1-3 are one way in which they keep overhead down.

As a result, this would rule out developments like Remington's proposed 25th St. Station (because it's a new development - plus the developers wanted a Wal-Mart there, not a TJs) and it would rule out the Rotunda (because it plans to redevelop).

The Fresh & Green's/Superfresh space that Giant took may have been more appealing to TJs - but it was more square footage than Trader Joe's usually handles, so I doubt they would have gone there either.

It's entirely possible that they could change or modify their location model, but I spoke to the company 3 times about trying to bring them into North Baltimore over the past few years, and each time I was told the same thing.

Adam Meister

So if the Rotunda developer just admits that there is not going to be a redevelopment anytime soon then Trader Joe's will consider it? The threat of redevelopment is keeping a Trader Joe's out of Hampden? This is another negative of developers talking a big game and then never delivering anything.

A Facebook User

Trader Joe's is awesome but also full of shit. They are all over LA. They can "pretend" that they don't move into "cities" but LA is one big city and they are the local grocer to many neighborhoods. Also, they do move into redeveloped areas, they just talk about it.

Personally, I'd love to see an Aldi store at the Rotunda. They are a higher-end version of Sav-A-Lot. They are NOT too expensive and are senior-friendly (for those of us who care about all those seniors who live within a block or two of the Rotunda). They have the best bacon on the planet (thick sliced, peppered or plain). Plus, they offer interesting seasonal items (including electronics). Go Aldis!!!


What does TJ's call their Towson location? Used to be Hutzlers - that building is not redeveloped?


Trader Joe's is owned by Aldis.

I wouldn't call where the Towson Trader Joe's is Redeveloped. It is repurposed. Redeveloped is what they are looking to do to the Rotunda. Repurposed is when you can still tell it's an old K-Mart.


my dream is actually for an H-Mart in the city so that the colleges can stop wasting buses taking kids out there but that will never happen either.

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