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Michael Hughes

Thanks for putting this together and staying on top of the developer's plans.

One quick question: is the former Superfresh location really called Greenspring Station? I never heard it called that, and it's definitely confusing because there's already a Greenspring Station at the end of 83 and Falls Rd just north of the city.

I still find the Fresh & Green's saga to be just plain weird. It's like they never intended it to succeed.


It's Greenspring Tower Shopping Center. Not sure why the "Greenspring". As for the Fresh & Green's - as I understand it, when Superfresh went up for auction - a number of groceries tried to buy the Greenspring Tower location because it was one of the most profitable locations. Giant was very aggressive. The Judge then said assets couldn't be handpicked, but purchased in a lot. That's when the weird deal with Shoprite was hobbled together - with this and two other locations going to a supposedly small upstate New York chain which turned out to be owned by a Canadian corporation which turned out to be having financial trouble.
The whole thing seems very unusual.


I believe that it's "Greenspring" because it's the site of the old Greenspring Dairy, back in the days when milk was delivered to homes by milkmen in trucks:


Marc - do you have a lot of archival photos like this of the Hampden area?


I got the photos by googling "Greenspring Dairy." I knew it was there because we used to drive by it when I was a kid. There are lots of pictures if you know what to search for. Eric Hatch has been putting up loads of pictures of movie theaters. Denny Lynch, or someone else who's lived in Hampden their whole life would know different businesses to put in; Denny may actually have a bunch or know where some can be found.


And of course there's the Maryland Room at Pratt Library. There might also be a collection at the Hampden Branch - ask Devon Ellis.


I have been collecting as many archival photos of Hampden as I've been able to find over the past year, but there aren't a lot online. There weren't as many taken in the area, as there were downtown, etc. Maryland Room is a great suggestion. I'm working on a "Hampden, Now & Then Project".

The loss of Giant is devastating to the neighborhood, and the fact that the Rotunda will be empty for that long is even worse. Thanks a lot for the update on the project!!

Jack Purdy

Re Fresh & Greens: It seems they kept the urban grocery in Charles Center when they left Hampden and Parkville and they kept other locations acquired from SuperFresh. If they had been serious about succeeding, they would have shut that store, remodelled it and reopened. It never established a personality. Living one block from the Rotunda, hate to see the Giant go--I walked there during the blizzard in '10.

I do wish Shoprite had gotten the Hampden location. I've shopped at the one they took over from SuperFresh in Timonium and it's an excellent store.

John Bosley

More evidence that Giant (and Safeway too!) are greedy corporate gluttons--not the kind of grocery stores any neigborhood needs!

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