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The man is an idiot, vote for Delaney...however, did you read what he said before jumping on the hate wagon? Even within a biased article (why, oh why, can no one report news anymore?) It gives you a number - with references (yea!) - of 32,000 pregnancies as a result of rape. Granted, this was from a study that is over 15 years old, but the human race has gotten no better, so let's stick with that number.

How many abortions happen in America each year? 1.3 mill according to So, lets assume all of those 32,000 woman who get pregnant from rape choose to get an abortion. That means that out of 1,300,000 woman who have an abortion each year 32,000 are from rape. 2.5% is what you get when you do the math.

Is he an idiot? Yes. For many, many other reasons, not for this. You'll notice that he never once said that this was due to some sort of magic urtin defense system. He gave no reason as to why he thought this way - other than, perhaps, he has had person experience with how hard it is to get pregnant (as many have) from a wife/daughter/etc, and took a guess from there.

Fight the good fight with fact founded articles, not tabloid like inflammatory writings.

Rusty Chompers

Holy shit.

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