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Don Clark

It was one if the best shows I've ever seen.

Bob DeGrande

I wasn't surprised that the author had said that he hadn't seen The Feelies before, because if he had, there is no way that he would have been going into the show with low expectations. The shows are exhilarating.

Paul Herrmann

Nice review. I've been to many Feelies shows from '86 on. Every single one has been similar to the one you review. They play songs so fast that gravity is too slow. You can only keep up by nodding your head.


First of all, let me say that I'm one of those old dudes that you describe, though I never saw the Feelies in the '80's. Well, maybe once, I'm not sure - they may have opened once for Lou Reed. Anyway, I didn't go to see much live music for about 20 years. Then my wife and I went to see the Feelies at the 9:30 in DC in March 2009. That show convinced me that I had to get out of the house more. I'd seen the Feelies twice since then before the Ottobar show, and the last couple years, that's their format - no opener, 2 solid sets, and lots of encores. Having only seen them at the 9:30 before, it was great seeing them in a more intimate setting. There was exactly one person between me and the stage. He was a fairly young guy, and he was telling his friends he'd seen the Feelies about 50 times, including the night before in Philly. To the best of my memory, 5 encores was unprecedented, but frankly not surprising for the Feelies. That is the kind of band, and the kind of people, that they are.

As far as their interaction with the audience, next time hang around and chat with the band after the show. They're some of the nicest folks you could ever hope to meet. They also seem to think that it's an honor for them to play and have an audience show up, though I always assure them that honor is that they make the trip down 95 to play, and the honor is ours.

Finally, I had bought a ticket months earlier for their show the next week at the 9:30, but the phrase "too many Feelies concerts" is nonsense, so I went to the Ottobar for the first time. I couldn't have had a better introduction, I've been to a couple of shows there since (on weeknights, no less), and I will keep my eyes open for other bands I want to see at the Ottobar. It's a great venue. See y'all July 30 for Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

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