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This guy has lost his fiiing marbles! If that's what eating horses make you act like then I don't think its worth the meat! How do you get this stupid? A message, sounds like a point?? I am guessing this was to make the activists back off from stopping this thing from opening, doesn't that actually MAKE the activists right for not wanting this place to open?> what would he do to a person he just didn't like? seriously?

laura haley

I’ve heard about the negative comments I haven’t gotten to read them till today I don’t know how you can truly judge someone without meeting them. I would like to share a couple of things about this man. Then you can try to past judgment without meeting him. I first met Tim over 20 years ago, my father horseshoed his horses. They were never what you call close friends but acquiesce. Over 2 years ago my brother took his life. The morning came and Tim was at my father’s home wanting to know if we needed any help or anything he could do. After my brother’s death, my father took it very hard and alcohol took control of his life. My father got to the point of not wanting to go on with life anymore. Tim showed up to the hospital and brought my father to his home, fixed a bedroom up and let him know that there are people that care for him very much. My father still drinks but he hasn’t talked about not going on with life anymore. I lost my brother and the only reason why I haven’t lost my father is because of what Tim done. I turned to drugs and lost everything. Three months ago I found myself homeless and nowhere to go. At 230 in the morning I called Tim and asked him for help. He opened his home to me and fixed the very same bedroom he did for my father for me. The only thing he ever asks of me is to stay clean, be positive and occasionally if I could turn down the radio in my room. I feel very blessed because I couldn’t tell you or even put in words where I would be right now if it wasn’t for him. Last month he was working in the shop on a project he needs to get done. One of the neighbors came down and asked him if he could help load a trailer. He stopped doing what he was working on and spent the rest of the day loading a trailer. If you very find yourself broke down on the side of the road and watch people drive right on by be assure he isn’t one of them. He’s the one that stops to help. I am so ashamed of the people writing these comments. The time you drive by make threats, sit at the computer to make threats. The world would be a better place if you could be more like him and take the time to help a family member, a friend, neighbor, or even a stranger. He is by no means perfect but he’s not the bad guy people have made him out to be, He doesn’t know I’m posting this and is probably going to be upset at me but I thought everybody should know what kind of man you are judging. The people posting positive comments I truly thank you very much and I hope you keep it up because he needs your support more then he knows. Thank you for taking the time to stop and read this post because now you know some things about this man, Tim. Laura Haley

Rusty Chompers

Maybe you don't understand how the internet works, but no one on this blog has threatened the horse killer. In fact, from where I sit, it seems that his video message could be taken as a threat by animal activists.

So relinquish the martyr complex, the only victim I see here is the horse, which your asshole friend shot in the head to "make a point."

No one has made him out to be anything. He's the one who recorded himself issuing obscenities and then executing a horse as a form of punctuation. He created his own image. He's entirely responsible for how people are responding to him. Maybe next time it might make more sense for him to post videos of himself helping people instead of killing animals.


Horrible person. I wish there were less evil people in the world. Animals deserve rights!

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