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In the cops defense, it was an eerily quiet weekend when it comes to city violent crime, the temperature was ambient and the sun was shining. The cops wanted to be outside, they didn't have much choice on who they could harass.

the correction

I'm confused by this writter. Good bad what do you really thing of this event.

Harvey Wiley

I say thata powwow is one of my favorite festivals its child friendly and always peace fulThe event benifits the Arabers of Baltimore.People forget that the nitrous tanks are not part of the pow wow nor are they sanctioned by the organisers and they actively try to stop them and the customers from being in the actual park. I dont know why it got shut down but i suspect that the permits were not correct for the amount of people.

Ernest J. Anastasio

Baltimore has a huge heroin problem. I can almost guarantee the syringe you saw was from a junkie shooting up in the park. I would imagine the hospital properly disposes of their used syringes.

Rusty Chompers

OR it could be indicative of an era (late '80s - mid '90s) when there were issues with medical waste washing up on the shore because hospitals weren't properly disposing of syringes.


what time did it get shut down?

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