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Thanks for the info. FYI though, the guy who was shot, his name is Zeb, not Jeb.

Benn Ray

Thanks. Fixed. I also took the opportunity to link to the GoFundMe fundraiser too.

Karen Tiefenwerth

Fantastic and thorough summary.

To subscribe to the JHU email security bulletins, go to this page: Directions are on the page.

Totally agree about the methadone clinic. What can we do about it, as Hampden residents?


Thank you for this; I appreciate the tone and content. Also, we're curious; any idea from where the name "Lick-n-hits" came?


The clinic starts up at 5am when I am going to work. A lot of folks out there, but I haven't seen anything untoward. I figure those are the good ones trying to get treatment before heading to a job. But just out of curiosity, for those of us that weren't there during the original meetings, what promises did the methadone clinic make? I believe you that they aren't holding up their end of the bargain. I just want to know what that looks like, so I'll know when I see it.

Janet Guerra

Thank you for this article; I live in Hampden and have been very concerned about the
recent's good to know these problems are being addressed. Thanks again.


I'm not seeing any proof that those cell phone kiosks are the depository of the stolen cell phones. Expensive cell phones can be sold, and arresting a bunch of teens isn't going to make cell phone thefts stop as long people can turn other people's cell phones into cash. They'll be another wave a cell phone robbers, no assurances they will be African Americans or other-neighborhooders. It is feasible that unscrupulous people may be handing out cash for cell phones. If so, they need to be identified and prosecuted. Cell phones need an app to be rendered useless via phone or Internet. Arresting this set robbers won't stop this growing problem.


So where, exactly, do you think they ought put the methadone clinic in Hampden? Because it seems to me any other location in Hampden would also be next to somebody else's front yard, business or school.

Genny Dill

At the meeting, the police stated that the kiosks have been used to deposit stolen phones. Maryland already has laws on the books for all brick-and-mortar shops that accept goods for cash, these kiosk operators should be held to the same standard. Those laws are there to protect property and deter fencing of stolen goods. It doesn't completely stop it any more than installing a traffic sign stops all people from blowing through intersections - but it does reduce the risk and frequency of occurrence.

As for the clinic - it is up to the operator (who is a private, for-profit entity by the way) to determine where to put their business, it's not the community's responsibility to tell them where to go. It IS the responsibility of the operator to ensure that the business operates in a safe manner, compliant with state and local laws, and does not create a an unsafe environment. For three years the community has been told that security would stop the loitering, the fights, would keep the flow of people moving, and deter the drug dealing. The security guard, instead, sits on their hump inside the doorway acting in the same capacity as a Wal-Mart Greeter. The operator basically says that it's not his responsibility, which is total BS.


Thanks for this. I have moved up to Roland Park but have no less concern for Hampden than I did when I lived there. I am also concerned for my neighborhood and others. Your point about getting information is a good one. I have been trying to find out about what, exactly, happened to Zeb without prying. I thought someone had been caught on that and am sorry to hear (but thankful to know) that the perp is still at large. The time you put into writing and posting this (not to mention being at the meeting) is much appreciated. How can I get on the list of contacts to attend future meetings of it's kind?

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