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Streetwalkingleopard -

"lick n hit" is probably a garbled version of "hit a lick" which is short for "to rob a liquor store" and is used to describe any quick job done for some cash.


I'm glad someone finally brought the Baby Stroller Cartel to the attention of community leaders and police. It's telling that they gasped when it was made clear to them that these women deal drugs out of their children's strollers. I used to live on Falls at 41st, and you could see them every morning, afternoon, and night walking up and down Falls, re-upping in the 4100 block of Falls and making their way back south to the park to sell. The ringleader is a heavyset blonde woman who typically has a sunburn because she spends all day outside checking on her girls. It would be sort of funny in a tragic, dark side of Charm City kind of way, but for the fact that children are involved.


I applaud the commenters here for not displaying the usual kneejerk NIMBY reaction with respect to the methadone clinic. As a current methadone patient myself, let me assure you that the clinic is providing a necessary harm reduction service to Hampden. Methadone oftentimes is the only solution left for folks who are legitimately trying to kick an opiate addiction but haven't had success using other means (rehab, Suboxone, 12-steps, etc.). I realize that many methadone patients are still in the game and are very antisocial in the way they conduct their business in broad daylight and sympathize with your efforts to get the clinic's proprietor to make good on his promises. Methadone clinics are usually very profitable ventures. Hopefully, the threat of having the clinic closed will force the clinic's management to wise up and hire adequate security, etc. The vast majority (probably all) of private methadone clinic owners are interested in their bottom line profit and have no interest in helping the addict/community; hitting him in his checkbook by threatening to close his clinic is probably the most expedient way to get results.

Again, cudos to the Hampden community for your apparent non-NIMBY reaction and rest assured that the methadone clinic is indeed reducing the amount of drug-related petty crime in your neighborhood. Good luck getting this clinic to comply. I'm confident you'll be successful.


For those asking "where do we put the meth clinic" I have your answer.

You put it somewhere else. Not on a main street of one of the few places someone would actually move into in this city or come into and spend their money.

Autumn Breaud

Hi - thanks for this thorough report of the meeting. Do you have a link to a recent Northern District meeting schedule? I'd like to attend, but the only information I can find is not current and the site contact mailbox seems not to be attended. Thanks for your help.

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