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Hmmmm...I wonder who all the people are who find this "overwhelmingly unpopular." Is it Preller Properties, which built two apartment buildings across from my house on Elm Ave. and provided a grand total of 6 parking spaces for the apt. residents? Is it the employees of the Wine Source, who walk by my front porch every morning. (I know where they work because of their logos.) Is it the merchants who love the idea of their customers getting free parking a block or so from the Avenue? I know that future residents of the 379 Rotunda Apts. will hate it, because Hekemian is going to charge them monthly fees to park and parking on Elm would be, uh, free. I have owned my home on Elm going on 15 years now and I say bring on permit parking. Either that, or strip all permit parking from the area; e.g., the west side of the 3800 block of Elm which somehow contrived to get permit parking years ago, which is how I got a $52 ticket when I neglected to move my car quickly enough the next morning. I am a sport, though--I would be fine with a 2 hour limit. Then, let the ticketing begin!

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